​​​​​ Burnt Store Isles Association, Inc.


 P.O. Box 510956

 Punta Gorda, FL  33951-0956

 BSIA was formed   to  provide a means   for residents and   owners of property in   Burnt Store Isles to   jointly promote the   continual

 improvement of the   neighborhood. 

 Our organization has   a commitment to the   quality of life, and   appearance, in our   neighborhood. 


Reminder: the speed limit on Tripoli between Monaco and Madrid has been reduced to 25mph.

You will see more speed limits signs around BSI.  The current speed limit throughout BSI is 30 mph but cars are often seen exceeding that especially down the busier streets.  
The Board has been working with the Punta Gorda Police Department to brainstorm ways to remind drivers to watch their speed.  Two of the solutions were increased patrol cars around BSI and the radar cart currently set up on Tripoli.  The radar cart will be moved to other places in BSI where excessive speed is an issue.  
Also, we received approval to install more speed limit signs as reminders too.  Click the link below to see an article which was in the April 24th issue of the Daily Sun explaining why we felt this was necessary.  
Just another way your Association is working hard for you!

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