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 BSIA was formed   to  provide a means for

 residents and owners of   property in Burnt Store

 Isles to jointly promote the   continual improvement of 

 the neighborhood. 

 Our organization has a   commitment to the quality   of life, and appearance, in   our neighborhood. 


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Change of address scam!
PGPD has received a report that the post office has received what appear to be several false change of address forms for Punta Gorda residents in the Burnt Store Isles area. At this time this appears to be limited to less than 20 residents in a specific area and we are unsure of the motivation of whoever may have submitted these forms. However, everyone should always be vigilant about these kinds of issues. The post office has stated that when they receive a change of address form they always mail a confirmation card to the resident. Please pay extra attention to your mail and contact the post office should you receive a confirmation for a change of address that you did not request. 

Nancy Prafke, Punta Gorda Mayor

​​​​​ Burnt Store Isles Association, Inc.

 P.O. Box 510956

 Punta Gorda, FL  33951-0956