The Burnt Store Isles Association in Punta Gorda is an all volunteer association of homeowners.  We are volunteers working together to promote and protect our beautiful waterfront and golfing paradise.  We are neighbors helping each other by following our deed restrictions and maintaining and protecting our property values.  

We feel fortunate to live in the wonderful, vibrant City of Punta Gorda, but even more privileged to live in Burnt Store Isles (BSI), the best deed-restricted community in Punta Gorda.


Underground Committee September Update

Underground Wiring Committee Report Frank “Chick” Petrosino In following a methodical timeline to proceed further with our quest for an FP&L engineering study, our committee along with our BSIA President John Gruca met on Wednesday, September 7, 2016, with City Manager Howard Kunik and pertinent staff members to review “next” step action.

Knowing that we had time deadlines to meet we learned that a “resolution of intent to assess” for the FP&L study portion of the project would need to be scheduled for the December 7, 2016, City Council agenda. The resolution is required as part of the process to place the afore approved $75.00 assessment for each property owner, including vacant lot owners, which are not already serviced by underground on the 2017 property tax bill.

Again, in keeping with proactive concerns, the Cities principal staff members will be scheduling a meeting with FP&L, Comcast, Century Link, and possible other businesses that may have an interest in the underground wiring project within Burnt Store Isles to gather other costs that may become associated with the overall project.

As one can see it is important that all costs are obtained and calculated in order to arrive at a final project cost so that we, the combined property owners within Burnt Store Isles may, with logic and acumen, decide the furtherance of the Burnt Store Isles conversion of overhead electric lines to underground.

Let there be no misunderstanding the FP&L study and the associated gathering of costs will require considerable time which, by FP&L estimate, could extend deep into 2017.

Our committee may or may not have a limited role in the above process; however we will endeavor to do our best to stay abreast of noteworthy events and advise the membership accordigly.

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