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Below are questions that we frequently get asked.  If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact one of our officers or directors.  If you are not sure who can best answer your question you can e-mail us by clicking the address below:

One of our officers or directors will be glad to answer your question.

 1.  We have considered buying a home with a lot next door, and combining the lots, in order to build a larger home.  Is this allowed? 

Any additions would need two approvals from the following:  The building permit department of the city of Punta Gorda and the Burnt Store Isles Association, Inc. (BSIA).  Both require architectural drawings which include any building changes and/or a landscaping plan.

2.  We would like to put in a garden and some fruit trees. Is this allowed?

Small gardens are permitted as well as fruit trees.  To be safe, you should complete the BSIA’s architectural change form (
Click here for Architectural Change form) and get permission prior to making any changes.  You may replace tress with the same type of tree without applying for permission.

3.  What are the landscaping standards for homes in Burnt Store Isles?

Landscaping standards are the same in BSI as they are for the City of Punta Gorda.  
Click here for the Punta Gorda Homeowner's Guide to the City Landscape Code.  

For new construction, please submit your landscaping plan to the City and to the BSIA Architectural Review committee for approval.  All BSI residents are responsible for following the landscaping standards set by the City.  The City reminds us to practice "Right Tree, Right Place:"  

When choosing a plant make sure to find out how large the tree will grow. Plant large trees in open areas where they can grow to their natural shape and size. Plant AWAY from overhead & underground wires and away from the house.
Call before you dig: Always call Sunshine 811 before you dig. They will notify utility companies where you are planning to dig. The utility sends a locator to mark the approximate location of underground lines, pipes and cables in your yard. The process takes two full business days - day 1 starts the day you call.
Plant native species: Once established native species require less care and water as some other plants.
Contact the City: Please contact City regarding any questions regarding landscaping and pruning as there are codes and ordinances pertaining to these issues.  For more about landscaping and pruning information contact Urban Design at  (941) 575-3372.

4.  Can we put up a fence around the perimeter with a gate at the entrance?

Here is an excerpt from the BSIA Deed Restrictions: No wall, hedge or fence shall be constructed along or adjacent to the side or rear lot lines on any of the aforementioned property with a height of more than four feet above the ground level unless the placement, character, form and size of said wall, fence or hedge be first approved in writing by the Grantor. The height or elevation of any wall, hedge or fence shall be measured from the existing property elevation. Any questions as to such heights may be conclusively determined by the Grantor (BSIA Board).   

5.  Do exterior paint colors need to be approved?

If an exterior paint color is to be changed, the following excerpt from the BSIA Deed Restrictions applies: The above-described building(s) and other structures when completed shall be maintained in a like-new condition and shall be kept freshly painted, including side-walls and roofs. The color of paint shall not be changed without the written consent of the Grantor (BSIA Board).

6.  Can we remove the existing roof material, be it shingle or tile, and install a metal roof?

Shingles would not be approved by either the city of Punta Gorda or the BSIA Officers and Directors.  Any exterior building additions would need two approvals from the following:  The building permit department of the city of Punta Gorda and the Burnt Store Isles Association, Inc (BSIA).  Both require architectural drawings which include any building changes and/or a landscaping plan.

7.  Is a Recreational Vehicle allowed?

Recreational Vehicles are only permitted to be parked in the community on driveways for a limited number of days.  In addition, permits are granted only for a limited number of times each year.   The permits are granted by the City of Punta Gorda’s Code Compliance office and may be obtained by calling 941-575-3381.

 8.  We have a small trailer for hauling small things such as plants, building materials for repairs to a dock or some remodeling inside.  Is this allowed?

Trailers may be parked in your driveway during the day, but not overnight. For more information about parking a trailer, call the City of Punta Gorda’s Code Compliance office at 941-575-3381.

9.  If there is a car parked on an empty lot during the day, can we do anything about it?

Unfortunately, cars are permitted to be parked on an empty lot during the day, even if they don't have permission of the landowner, according to the City of Punta Gorda’s Police Department. For more information regarding this issue you can call the police department's non-emergency number at (941) 639-4111.  Our only recourse is to call that non emergency number. The police want to be called between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM. This is what they consider to be "overnight". Unfortunately this is not the most convenient time to call. I wish I had a better answer. It seems as if you should be able to call the police, tell them there's a car that's been parking there, and they would then patrol the area that night looking for the car. But that's not the case! Note after further inquires: I spoke with the police department yesterday regarding your question about the truck parked on an empty lot.  I was told that you or I can't do anything about it during the day.  Only the property owner can deal with this issue.  Unless the property owner contacts the police department, they won't do anything about it during the day.

10. How far may I extend my dock or mooring post into the canal?

Our deed restrictions address the distance to the lot line.  It reads as follows:  "Docks, piers, or mooring post shall not be constructed so as to extend beyond a distance of eight feet from lot line."  This addresses encroachment to/from your adjacent neighbor's property.  We have a few docks or mooring poles that are less than 8 feet.  These are all in locations where the property is at the end of a canal and it would be pretty much impossible to have a dock with a boat lift without being closer.  The distance into the canal is up to the building permitting department for the City of Punta Gorda.  They issue building permits for canal construction and placement of mooring poles. The Growth Management/Urban Design/Zoning Department can be reached at 941-575-3372.

11. We are about to talk with a marine contractor regarding replacement of our dock. Do I need to file a form with BSIA to replace my dock?  I would like to use the new man-made decking material rather than concrete.  Is that allowed? 

You do not need BSIA approval to replace your dock, unless you are planning to increase or decrease the size or use a different type of material.  A building permit from the City of Punta Gorda will be necessary and, assuming you are using a contractor, he/she will probably do that for you.  All docks in our community are constructed of concrete and I don’t believe you can get a building permit to use any other type of material.  I don’t think the BSIA Board would approve the material you requested.  If you wish to complete our Architectural Change Form (Click here for an Architectural Change Form) requesting this change, we will give you a formal answer.  The following sentence from our deed restrictions (also available on the web site) addresses your question: Boat landings, docks, piers and mooring posts shall be constructed only in accordance with plans and specifications therefore approved in writing by the Grantor (BSIA Board).

12. Why and how did the bike rack get placed at its location on Tripoli and Monaco?

Several years ago the City of Punta Gorda placed the bike rack near the school bus stop.  The City controls its location.  Only the city has the right to move the bike rack to another location.

13.  What is the speed limit on the streets in Burnt Store Isles?

The City of Punta Gorda has set the limit on all Burnt Store Isles streets at 30 miles per hour.

14. Do we need to separate our recycling materials when all paper, plastic, glass, steel cans, and aluminum go into one truck?

  They practice “single streaming.”  Single streaming means all recyclables can go into one truck which is emptied at the recycling plant.  At the plant all paper, plastic, glass, steel cans, and aluminum cans are separated mechanically.  None of these recyclable materials go to the landfill.  Click here to get the City's Refuse Guide.

15.  If I live in Burnt Store Isles, do I have to belong to the Burnt Store Isles Association?

The Burnt Store Isles Association is a VOLUNTEER organization of homeowners so no you do not have to join the Association. Click here for reasons you should belong to the Association.  Joining the Association is the most cost effective way to maintain and enhance your property value in Burnt Store Isles.  
Click here to get to the membership page.  Thank you in advance for renewing your membership or joining BSIA.

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