​​​​​ Burnt Store Isles Association, Inc.


 P.O. Box 510956

 Punta Gorda, FL  33951-0956

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Welcome to Burnt Store Isles Association, the official organization of homeowners,  in the BSI neighborhood.  This organization is volunteer; many neighbors donate their time for the benifit of Burnt Store Isles. A membership in BSIA helps maintain our neighborhood to the high standard we all enjoy!

Memberships are $40 annually and valid to December 31 of each year. To join, or renew, you may complete the online application and pay dues with a credit card or print out a form and mail with a check; just click on one of the blue buttons above to start the process.

After BSIA receives your application form, you will receive the Tuesday email --  BSIA Bulletin Board.  This informs you of events-- social and informational—in our organization and community.  General information is also available at bsia.net and several times a year a printed newsletter is sent out. Please be assured that your e-mail address is NEVER sold or given to anyone or used for any other purpose than to communicate Burnt Store Isles and Punta Gorda information to you.   

New members also receive a membership directory, which is not available on bsia.net.  Members as of January 31 each year are included in the annual membership directory. 

BSIA has a general membership meeting in November.  Date, location, & time are provided well in advance through the Tuesday electronic Bulletin Board. 

In December members receive an email reminder of dues to renew for the upcoming year.  A membership must be renewed by January 31 to be included in the membership directory.  

Please note that Burnt Store Isles Boat Club (BSIBC) and BSIA are separate organizations.   New residents to Burnt Store Isles easily confuse these organizations; membership in BSIBC does not include a membership in BSIA and vice versa.

If you have any question regarding membership please contact the membership director at membership@bsia.net

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