​​Burnt Store Isles Association, Inc..

Event Photos

To all members, please know that at many BSIA events photos are taken.  Please let the photographer know if you do not want your picture published on the BSIA website.  Thank you.

To those submitting photos for publishing on this website be sure to follow these guidelines to make loading and viewing photos easier for our members.

* All pictures must be taken with the camera in the horizontal position. ( The website does not except vertical pictures )  

* Take your pictures wider than you need because they will be cropped 5% on the Left & Right to fit the webpage.
* Please set your digital camera at its lowest setting so the maximum size photo has a resolution of 640 by 480.
* Please submit no more than 40 photos per event.

* Please include the name of the photographer.
* Make sure you have a person's permission to have their photo posted on this website.  Thank you.

To all viewers, photos are very large files so please be patient as you visit our event photo pages.  Give your computer the time it needs to load the event photos.  Enjoy!