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        "If we, as a community, do not continue to progress, then we are doomed to deteriorate".

Most of us feel like we are living in paradise here in Burnt Store Isles, it’s nearly perfect.  So, how does paradise become even better, even closer to perfection?  One of the best ways is to bring our neighborhood out of the 1970’s and into the current Millennium by converting all of our utilities to underground.

Sections of BSI are all underground right now. Century Link’s lines throughout BSI are underground.  The electric power feeds from the overhead distribution lines to each home has been underground from the beginning.  There are areas of BSI which are overhead wire-free now, like Madrid Court, Marseiles Court, San Rocco Drive Albecete Circle and part of Mondovi Court.  As you drive through these areas you can plainly see for yourself what a pleasant difference it makes.


Beginning in 1999, even before the devastation to our community from hurricane Charlie, a BSIA survey indicated a majority favored converting the overhead wires to underground.  In 2001 a volunteer committee put in a couple of years work researching converting Burnt Store Isles to underground.  Despite all of their work the project never made it to the all-vital engineering study.

In December of 2014, due to technological advances in directional boring, better materials and renewed resident interest, the BSIA Board of Directors asked for volunteers to once again investigate and determine the feasibility of placing underground all FPL electric wires along with any other utility or cable service provider within the Burnt Store Isles Community.


What will it cost?  How will we pay for it?  How long will it take?  What about streetlights?  What about transformers and switches?  What about vacant lots?  Will we lose any trees?  What about those areas of BSI which are already underground?

This committee has had discussions with FP&L, Punta Gorda’s city manager and Comcast cable.  We asked a lot of questions and received mostly generalized answers.  In order to get specific, pertinent factual information, an engineering study must be done.

This engineering study to be done by FP&L, will identify among other things, how many transformers are needed, what size they will be and where they will be placed, plus a timeline and a work schedule.

We just can’t accurately answer that critical question, of “How Much?”, or very many other questions for that matter, until the engineering study has been completed. Unfortunately, there is a cost associated with the study.  Fortunately, although this cost is in the form of a non-refundable deposit, if, after the study is done and we, as a community, agree to proceed with the conversion, that full amount would be applied towards the conversion cost.

What we are asking for, what we need, is for you the home and lot owners of BSI which are not already serviced by underground, agree to a $75.00 cost to fund FP&L’s engineering study of this project.  If this funding is not approved, we can go no further, we are done.

We would like to set a date for a resident vote to approve or disapprove the funding of FP&L’s engineering study for not less than 3 months and not more than 6 months from March 10, 2016.

In the meantime, this committee welcomes any and all input from the stakeholders of Burnt Store Isles with regards to this underground conversion project.  We have been and intend to continue to be open and transparent with any and all information we discover going forward, in order to minimize hearsay and mis-information being spread throughout the community.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available through the BSIA Board and Member meetings, BSIA’s Community Bulletin Board (e-mails), the BSIA website http://www.bsia.net/  NextDoor Neighborhood https://bsi.nextdoor.com and written correspondence through the USPS, where necessary.


THANK YOU, the Underground Wiring Committee

• Chick Petrosino, Chairman - 


Detailed project phase information

BSI Underground Initiative

​​BSI Underground Wiring Initiative

On January 21, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. a community meeting open to all property owners of Burnt Store Isles was held to present the long awaited FPL engineering study, discuss the estimated cost, timeline, and other facts regarding converting overhead power lines to underground within BSI.